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Speakers Profile

Marie-Josée Ta Lou

Athlète Ivoirienne, Ivorian Athlete

Marie-Josée Ta Lou is an ivorian athlete, specialist in sprint competitions, 100m and 200m World vice-champion in London in 2017. Sporting since her youngest age, she continues her studies and hopes to develop her passion for athleticism, a field in which she decides to specialize after having tried to play football. After brief studies in medicine and accounting, Marie Josée Ta Lou left for China after receiving a schorlarship from the Ivorian Athletics Federation.

Her career grew up very fast when after winning the bronze medal in 2012 in Porto Novo, at Benin. With a semi finalist place in the 100 meters at the Peking world championships, and in March 2016 she occupied the 7th place at the world indoor championships in Portland. In August 2016, Marie-Josée Ta Lou is preparing to compete her first Olympic Games in Rio. In a discipline where competition is harsh, the sprinter is a worthy representative of the African sports scene.