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Karidjata Diallo


Never Stop Dreaming

As the only daughter of seven brothers, Karidjata Diallo grew up in a traditional Ivorian family where school for girls was hardly an option. Knowledge, she knew, would be her freedom and she is fighting to get there.

She built herself challenge after challenge and draws in her furrow her brothers. To achieve her goals, she had to fight, "dare and cling".

She began her career in a multinational company, and for eight years, despite her actions, she observed that nothing changed. This "frustration", she uses it as "motivation" and embarking on entrepreneurship.

Today, she employs fifteen employees, spread over two companies, the first telecom and the second of events. However, this journey will not take place without barriers: great moments of loneliness, loss of partners, vandalism … Nothing stops her, she adapts, hold on. She wants to continue and moves on.

Her greatest ambition is now to help, support and inspire the women of her country. She also founds the association "Actives", which aims to encourage entrepreneurship. A struggle that is dear to her heart in Côte d'Ivoire, where so many women are being abused, excised, forced to marry, and where those who try to get out of the "norm" are quickly put back on track.

Her message, to whom she would like to address him: "Never stop dreaming.