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Christelle Vougo et Frank Anet

Co Founder of a catering service


Christelle Vougo is the co-founder of a catering service and three of the most exclusive restaurants in the city of Abidjan with her husband and partner Frank Anet. In five years, they have become a real "tastemaker" in the Ivorian economic capital and have also won the best restaurant award with their restaurant "SAAKAN" in March.

From accounting, Christelle was not predestined for a future in cuisine. But she was led by passion, curiosity and a natural sensibility for gastronomy. Frank Anet, her husband and partner, comes from a family of restaurants owners.

In 2005, Frank and Christelle opened "The Avenue" in the business center of Atlanta where they enchant their clients through their delightful menus.

In 2012, Christelle and Frank decided to return to their home country of Côte d'Ivoire and in June 2012 they opened the 'NORIMA' restaurant specializing in American cuisine and then 'SAAKAN' specializing in African gastronomy. In 2015, the 'ZANDA' catering service was born, followed by the opening of the last one and not least: The Restaurant 'LE MONDIAL'.

Let them show us beautiful story of love filled with control and passion that will awaken suddenly on our taste buds.