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Speakers Profile

Bacome Niamba

Choreographer, interpreter and teacher at INSAAC

 High School Diploma at 42, I was born to win!

Tenth of a family of sixteen children, by lack of money Bacome Niamba is forced to leave her studies in class of 7th.

The unstable life of her family pushes her to become a housekeeper  in a rich family at Riviera.

Her life changes when she handle the opportunity to become a famous dancer.

Winner of a dance competition, Bacome was recruited and trained by Werewere Liking.

While her classmates where giving up, Bacome followed with ardor and determination the hard training of Werewere Liking.

Choreographer, interpreter and teacher at INSAAC, 30 years later she returned to studies in order to get her High School Diploma at the age of 42 years.