Why NEDx PortBouet? Because we are Bigger and Better

From 2016 to 2018, the Africa CyberSecurity Conference (ACSC) organized TEDx PortBouet under the TEDx Licence. A complete review of ACSC business operations & processes were undertaken in April 2019. The review highlighted some facts.

The TEDx Talks License has to be held by a person and not a company like Jighi or Africa Cyber Security Conference.

There is n plethora of things that are forbidden under the TEDx rules. The list of forbidden actions begs the question of why anyone will organize a TEDx in the first place? After all, organizers must pay for the conference rooms; pay the staff and pay for all the logistics that go along with such organization. How do you finance all this if you cannot have sponsors?

Here are the facts about TEDx Portbouet: TEDx Portbouet is organized by Jighi as part of the Africa CyberSecurity Conference (ACSC). Moreover, TEDx Portbouet receives more than 2000 people who attend the conference every year in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire. Clearly, TEDx Portbouet is way outside the boundaries of above TEDx limitations.

So, as it turns out, TEDx Portbouet now bigger and better than what TEDx is meant to be. We have grown and evolved beyond the constraints of TEDx. TEDx Portbouet is now NEDx Portbouet.


Unlike TEDx, NEDx has no governing body and not many rules. If you have something to say and others think it is inspiring to them, it is your god given right to speak. The sponsors and organizers of the NEDx are responsible for their events.