Theme: "Exploring Borders"

2018 edition theme presentation

From Christopher Columbus to Steve Jobs through Leonardo da Vinci, over the centuries extraordinary personalities have cultivated curiosity, but also imagination, creativity and audacity to push the limits of the possible and reach new horizons.

They give life to dreams, in a society that still remembers the most beautiful human adventures of the last millennium. So many explorers who have opened the way to a world without limits.

It is now our turn to pursue their works and advance to the unknown land to discover, innovate, create and make our world better.

From Sao Paulo to Johannesburg, from Tokyo to New York, we live in a constantly evolving world, ideas emerge, intersect and intertwine, provoking upheavals that are often unexpected. New frontiers are defined and extend to the limits of our imagination.

They are entrepreneurs, researchers, sportsmen or travelers, and they share with us their singular vision of a world in perpetual evolution. These new explorers plunge into the heart of our future and carry us beyond the borders of our imagination.